Discover PrinterFace - The most powerful print management system

Powerful print management for your business. PrinterFace gives you the tools to manage the whole process from print-buyer through production, supply chain management, dispatch and reporting.

Security Research - Products and Consulting

Cyber security is essential for us all. The Impression Research team are actively working on security research to better understand and prepare for our changing online world.

Software innovation and technology projects

Impression Research has the technology to develop innovative solutions to business problems by building our millions of lines of code and frameworks, which support rapid product development.
Impression Research (Pirion Systems) develop powerful solutions that support industrial, commercial, government and education clients. Our solutions have been used by millions of Australians and New Zealanders. We build solutions that run print rooms, automate workflows, secure process, authenticate, replicate and advise. While our flag-ship PrinterFace product is our platform for introducing new technologies, Impression Research offers much, much more - not only do we build a world-class print management product, but our technology helps create innovative solutions.