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Impression Research (Pirion Systems) is a software and technology research and development business.

Based in Brisbane Australia, Impression Research develops the most comprehensive and powerful print management system: PrinterFace. The business also creates innovative workflow solutions; conducts business and security research; and develops new concepts through partnerships and collaboration with commercial, government, education and industry clients.

The company traces its roots back to 1999, when it was established by Ben Day and Nik Hampton as a service and systems integration business, but the future lay elsewhere. Within the first two years, they had created powerful Post Script tools to help print providers produce custom catalogue and personalised information packs; the solutions were innovative and cutting-edge. The business quickly transformed into a premier provider of print management and web-2-print solutions.

Growth through partnerships
In 2002, a partnership with Pirie Printers in Canberra became a national success with the involvement of the McMillan Print Group. The joint venture established Pirion Systems, the software development team of the Pirion group of companies. The products became more focused on an in-house print management for the group’s large corporate, government (federal, state and local), as well as several multi-national clients. The product developed by the Pirion Systems team was dubbed PrinterFace – you’re print manager’s interface.

Pirion Systems identified the need to cast the net wider in 2004 and formed a partnership with Océ Australia which eventually merged with Canon. A relationship which allow both Pirion Systems and Canon to tender for larger in-plant education, and commercial print providers.

A partnership in 2007 with the BlueStar Print Group was bought about through their acquisition of McMillan Print. Pirion Systems continued to develop PrinterFace, and started to create new and innovative workflow solutions that allowed for secure document management, secure online quoting and external supply chain management, positioning Pirion Systems for their separation from BlueStar in 2009; this is when Impression Research was formed – Ben and Nik were back again, with full control and 100% ownership of the new company.

Continued excellent in print management
Impression research continues to develop PrinterFace (and has maintained the Pirion Systems brand).

Impression Research products are sold by Canon Australia to support digital and commercial print client that are looking to do more than “just put ink on paper”. The PrinterFace suite of tools matured rapidly, and now powers the management of some of Australia’s biggest and most innovative print providers.

A changing world
Over the next few years, you will see a new range of products from Impression Research that build upon the success of PrinterFace, and bring in the best aspects of new security technologies. Because, security should be part of every business process, not an afterthought.

The latest projects from Impression Research have been driven by growing customer demands for data analysis, information security and product innovation. Impression research has a greater focus on cyber security: securing information and workflows, secure exam printing, document transfer, security research, incident response, and cybersecurity consulting.

Explore our solutions, or talk to us
Impression Research is a dynamic and prosperous Australian business, with solid roots in the printing and information technology industry. And, a vision for future products and development.

We love a great project, so get in touch and see how we can help you innovate online.

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