Impression Research is primarily a Research and Development company – we don’t have a sales team, and we don’t do marketing. Our goal and passion is to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. That’s why we do this, and that’s why we have such great products and services.

We’re always innovating, our staff work on academic and industry research papers, data analysis and consulting – innovation that drives our products.

Impression research staff are actively engaged in the following research areas:

  • Bottle-necks and lag – data research initiative with Impression Research clients to better understand barriers to efficient print-room operations
  • iText compatibility improvements project – Improve the rendering of PDF elements in open source products
  • Pattern matching algorithm optimisations – contributions to reverse engineering tools to compare binary file similarities
  • Digital forensics – timing and third party meta-data analytic tools to identify sequences of events with respect to digital documents
  • Cyber security – multiple projects to examine opportunities to improve secure document, workflow and communications tools
  • Boost project – examining the efficiency of teams and service delivery within complex business environments
  • Emerging UI – ongoing projects to investigate and report on the latest user interface tools and technology
  • Secure authentication – investigate mechanisms to improve the security of end-user authentication with our products

Impression research is more than just a software developer, we build intellectual property value. We research, innovate, create and deploy real-world solutions to  complex problems.

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